It's time to CELEBRATE This Week with Ruth Ayres from Discover. Play. Build.  Every Saturday, Ruth invites us all to celebrate (and share our celebrations).  What an amazing way to reflect on the week, rekindle the joy we felt and share our happiness with others!  For more information, visit the Celebrate This Week page.

Life is truly about celebrating - not just the huge moments, but the mundane, every day, ordinary moments that deserve their chance to shine!  

  1. I was a couch potato...and I peer pressured my husband into being one also!  Now this may sound completely awful but...OH.THE.BLISS!  My husband and I are usually running around like lunatics and the first day of relaxing felt...odd.  We felt guilty.  We felt unproductive.  We felt lazy.  But little by little we relaxed into a wonderful rhythm of reading (Sisters Grimm for me), napping and watching an episode of Once Upon A Time.  This was our first break where we haven't traveled and I was worried that we would not be able to relax at home.  But we did!  It was a good reminder for us to just let our bodies and brains unwind once in a while!
  2. I spent time with friends - a dinner here, a lunch date there and I felt rejuvenated.  Besides forcing, I mean allowing me to get out of my pajamas once in a while, reconnecting with friends allowed me to laugh, reminisce and dream.  Sometimes I think that kids seem more carefree (though I know their lives are just as complicated as ours...and without the same power) because they are simply more connected with friends and enjoying the bliss of companionship.
  3. Finally, I cleaned up!  Another really exciting one, I know!  But honestly, I have realized over the past few years that my mood is SERIOUSLY affected by the environment around me.  So I plunged into cleaning my "retreat" which I would like to enjoy more often next year!  The main step was to simply get rid of A LOT of random "stuff" that has accumulated.  I want to start the year by de-cluttering both tangible and intangible extras to make room for all that I love and cherish!

I hope to make this a regular habit and I CAN'T WAIT to get back to my students and share classroom celebrations here as well!

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